williamk could win a Comment of the Month with this gem,

Leftism is a solitary female way to think. The physically weak must rely on deception and manipulation. This necessarily includes self-deception where necessary to ease cognitive dissonance.

Leftism appeals to soyboys and solitary females. Strong men rely on natural laws to attain power, well-adjusted women rely on the strong men and those same natural laws.

Females who are alone, or who can only attain a soyboy, will necessarily turn to leftism to navigate the world.

Very useful rules of thumb:

Weakness => Leftism
Strength => Commonsenseism

Ugliness => Leftism
Beauty => Commonsenseism

LSMV men and women => Leftism
HSMV men and women => Commonsenseism

Effeminate men and masculine women => Leftism
Masculine men and feminine women => Commonsenseism

Loveless losers => Leftism
Beloved winners => Commonsenseism

Bitter sluts and cat ladies => Leftism
Loving wives and honored mothers => Commonsenseism

Weak soyboys and the feminists who resent their company => Leftism
Strong men and the women who love them for their strength => Commonsenseism

The socially atomized => Leftism
The socially embedded => Commonsenseism

Conclusion: As a society becomes more female in nature, it becomes more leftist. A feedback loop develops so that increasing leftism pushes society further away from the life-saving masculinity it needs to correct its degenerate distaff course.

williamk, Henry Mueller, PA, among others, produce some of the finest commenting I’ve read on any blog, let alone this one blessed to have so many MAGAminds gathered at one place. I understand this outpost of Love takes some heat for having a mainly hands-off philosophy toward commenter quality control (it is a blog after all, not a forum), but if you have the patience to sift through the food fight debris you can find quite a few diamonds.

PS something I’ve noticed in my travels is that in locales where White leftoid cogdis is highest, anti-Trump fever is hottest. But where White leftoids live basically free of the need to ease any cognitive dissonance, their anti-Trump furor is muted and they tend to cleave to traditional leftist gripes with a focus on class and capitalist predation. I think this has to do with Trump being the Great Clarifier; his raw candor and no-bullshit freewheeling style exposing the lies of our currently ruling orthodoxy act as a pain amplification chamber for leftoids heavily burdened by the task of accommodating their equalist religion to the reality encroaching in every direction on them which belies their religious beliefs.

Shudderthought Of The Day

What if Big Pharma has created this androgyne self-annihilating estrogenically virtue shrieking society we currently inhabit because the Pill causes women to prefer limp beta males and ibuprofen feminizes men to prefer manjaws, so that the two find each other compatible and work together to bring the End of the West?

From David Duke Nukem,

When you combine this with the fact that birth control stays in the water tables, the plastics, Monsanto “food”, opiate epidemics, the entertainment industry promoting dindus, and more… It’s even worse. It’s such a perfect storm to destroy the White race that it couldn’t be a conspiracy. It’s so perfect that it has to be a biological consensus. Sleep well

The biggest red pill will be when Americans are woke to the chemical warfare waged against them for at least two generations. That is, if by then they’re still capable of wokeness.

Major1 wins COTW for clearly stating in colorful dialogue the unbending reality of leftoid psychological projection,

This entire post [leftoid envy post] can be condensed into a single, eternal truism.

Whatever a liberal/progressive says, they mean the opposite. Period.

There are only fifty-eight bazillion examples.

“Trump colluded with Russians”
Translation: “Hilary colluded with Russians”.

“The alt-right are fascists”.
Translation: “We are fascists”.

“Trump isn’t mentally healthy enough to be President”.
Translation: “Hilary’s seizure disorder, Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism, and inability to competently handle classified material makes her unfit for the Presidency”.

“Trump is a vulgar pussy-grabber”.
Translation: ” Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein,and Bill Clinton are vulgar pussy grabbers”.

And….ad infinitum.

We can pity our liberal friends, neighbors, and co-workers. That level of prevarication and cognitive dissonance must take a terrible psychological toll.

But just because we pity them doesn’t mean we can’t crush them, mercilessly, under our boots.

Freud really nailed it when he identified “psychological projection” as a real cognitive bias. (He wasn’t right about much else.) The affliction bedevils leftoids far more frequenlty and with greater intensity than it does conservatives. Why? Theory: leftoid will to power is based on phony moralizing, so they need a devious rhetorical trick to convince themselves and their enemies that they act with virtuous intentions. Believing one’s lies helps with that.

Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn for men who refuse the mantle of male dominance.

children –> woman –> man –> God. It’s the natural order for a reason.

Feel free to substitute Purpose for God if you’re the earthly-bound type.

America, Then And Now



It’s the White Side of History vs the Blight Side of History.

Our globohomo cosmopolitans are titillated by the thought of the White race becoming a vintage relic.

Our job is to stop them from realizing their dream.


Ted Cruz grilled Mark “no spark of life in the eyes” Cuckersperg about his company’s censorship of conservative viewpoints.

Accusing Facebook of giving “conflicting answers” on whether they are a neutral public forum, Cruz went on to outline voters’ concerns about political censorship.

“There are a great many Americans who I think are deeply concerned that Facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship.”

Cruz went on to cite the trending news scandal of 2016, in which it was reported that Facebook “routinely suppressed” conservative stories from its Trending News feature.

“In addition to that, Facebook has initially shut down the ‘Chick-fil-A appreciation day page,’ has blocked the post of a Fox News reporter, has blocked over two dozen Catholic pages, and most recently has blocked the Trump supporters Diamond & Silk’s page – with 1.2 million Facebook followers – after determining that their content and brand were ‘unsafe for the community’.”

In response, Zuckerberg said concerns over political bias were “fair,” and conceded that Silicon Valley is an “extremely left-leaning place.”

You don’t say! I’d go so far as to call it an “extremely un-American place”.

Pressed by Cruz, Zuckerberg also conceded that he did not know the political orientation of the “15-20,000 people” who work on content review at Facebook.

He doesn’t have to know. He has set up an institutional framework which ensures the predominance of Facecock employees are anti-White leftoid freaks.

Cruz also raised the issue of the firing Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR which was later bought by Facebook. Luckey was fired following a media witch-hunt, after he was revealed to be one of Silicon Valley’s few Trump supporters in 2016. Zuckerberg told Cruz that his firing was “not because of a political view” and that the company does not make firing decisions based on what candidates employees supported.

Lyin’ Zuck. Does he really expect people to believe his BS?

What was interesting is that NO OTHER SENATOR followed up on Cruz’s justified and pointed criticism of Cuckersperg. Were they afraid to pursue the truth? Were they paid off to suppress the truth (that leftoid technopolies like Facecock routinely and as a matter of institutional policy censor and de-platform ideological opponents)? Inquiring minds already know!

In total, we found 45 [senior] employees who had previously worked or volunteered with the Hilary campaigns, the Obama campaigns, or the Obama White House and are now employed by Facebook, Facebook-owned companies, or the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative.

The government of our corrupt elites is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Shillicon Valley.

Facebook employees donated big bucks to Congress members.

A reader adds,

Most of [the Senators] like what he’s doing, using technology he, hpc, and cia worked together to create to track our every movement.

Orwell welp’ed.

Atavator gets to the diseased heart of the matter:

Fakebook is as fake as the losers who spend their lives telling us all about the Grande Lattes they guzzled after shopping for useless disposable consumer goods all day.  Take back your life and #DeleteFacebook

Lol. I live in a 96% white, very “well-adjusted” upper middle class white community. Normie central.

Just judging by other women my wife knows, nearly every facebook presentation of a female is at least 15-20 years off her present age, and who knows how many pounds fewer. Much space dedicated to very public and indecent exclamations of matrimonial love, humble brags about kids, and of course, virtue signaling about whatever news item NPR or CNN has mentioned that day.

In my view, facebook is one of THE contributors to the trashing and uglification of America by way of the female id. Any respectable kulturkampf will need a way to raze it.

Yup. Facecock is porn for women, with the same dopamine receptor frying effects on them that hardcore online porn has on men. And yet men are shamed for their fap habits while women are lauded for theirs. Wassupwitdat? (The Fundamental Premise, that’s what’s up.)

The Fuckerborg hearings are a joke, not only for what it reveals about Suckerdork (a lying psychopath) but what it says about our fully converged media and government (lying psychopaths in bed with a lying psychopath). All the psychos are stroking each other off to a psychotic jizz blast, and Heritage America is taking the diseased load to its bound and gagged face.

ZUCK: “If we have a fault, it’s that Facecock is too idealistic. We were naive, and for that I’m sorry.”

This LIE from the man whose company’s mission has been FROM DAY ONE to snoop on, gather, and sell user data to the highest bidder. WHO THE ZUCK DOES HE THINK HE’S FOOLING (besides NPR libs)?

A truly privacy-protecting Facecock would be a pay service, which means its account base of 2 billion would conceivably be whittled down to twenty million, depriving Zuck of his many billions and thwarting his plan to establish a real world IngSoc. And the poor people who had to sacrifice their privacy to use Facecock wouldn’t be advertiser targets anyway, so Zuck would be taking a huge cost-overhead bath by allowing a no-fee option.

Zuck wept. Or he would if he was a mammal.

Our Lilliputian Overlords:

A boy had come of age. His father, sensing the boy’s agitation, sat down with him and told him a parable of the pearl diver and the thresher.

“Son — ”

said the father,

“there were two young men ready to enter manhood, their lives before them. They were full of passion and idealism, eager for adventure, and yearned for love like they would never yearn again.

The first young man, about your age, was a pearl diver. He would dive deep into the sea, knife clenched between his teeth, holding his breath, until he reached bottom where he pried open oysters for pearls. Many of the pearls were small, or misshapen, lacking luster. Others were uniform and round, suitable as jewelry, but short of the exquisite perfection he demanded. He ignored those for something truly prized. He would have to dive many times and deeper each time to open more oysters, until he found that perfect, precious pearl he wanted.

Each dive, deeper and longer underwater, was risky for the pearl diver. He could tire and drown, or get the bends while ascending from a great depth. He could cut himself with his knife and attract sharks. This was a risk he was willing to take, to put his life on the line for that one pearl like no other.

Which he did. Many years he dove, hunting for his special pearl while what he considered lesser pearls sat on the ocean floor, unable to catch his eye. He grew weary of his toil, and resentful that the pearl of his dreams hadn’t yet presented itself to him. Time ran away from him, until one day, diving deeper than he had dove before, he spotted the finest oyster he had ever seen, and began prying it open. It was tough, refusing to yield its treasure, and he began to look upward to the shimmery sea surface wondering how much longer he could stay down there. Eventually, with tremendous effort, he pried it partly open and glimpsed the beauty within. His eyes widened, his heart pounded. My pearl! he thought.

He frantically wrenched the knife into the flesh of the oyster, forgetting his poise and the skill he needed for a proper extraction, and out popped the pearl, to be suddenly carried away by an ocean current! He swam after it, his chest throbbing in pain, his muscles aching, dizzy from breathless exertion and fear. Come to me!, he seemed to cry to the escaping pearl. Finally, his hand wrapped around the gem, and he started his ascent to air…but he was a long way off and before he made it halfway he drowned. In his death throe, his hand loosened and the pearl and his knife floated to the silty bottom, to lay within sight of each other for eternity.”

“The second young man…”

continued his father,

“also your age, maybe a little older, was a thresher. He worked on a farm and threshed wheat to separate out the grains. He pounded and flailed wheat every day, to collect huge basketfuls of grain. He cared not so much for the quality of individual grains, for he was paid by weight. He would throw out moldy grain or diseased grain, or pest-eaten grain, but beyond that his interest was simply to collect as much edible grain as he could.

And so he threshed wildly and tirelessly, his brow glistening with sweat, singing a tune to himself all the while. Grains tumbled into his waiting baskets, and he marveled at the product of his efforts. Every basket was a feather in his cap. The grains ground up and baked would provide food for himself for a long time. No meal would be a king’s feast, but he would never go to bed hungry. He would thresh, eat, and rise to thresh again. There needn’t be more to life, he thought, as long as I can satisfy myself.

The thresher spent many years threshing wheat for grain, and many years eating that grain, sometimes marveling at its nourishing consistency, but with increasing frequency as time passed wondering if the development of his palate was stunted. He had fine-tuned his day to day life to ensure he would never go hungry, and he mostly enjoyed his work, even if it lacked a higher purpose. As long as the grains tumbled, he was happy. Perhaps there was little passion in his pursuit, but there was comfort and satisfaction and well-being.

Years turned into more years, and the thresher wearied of his routine. I’m fed, he thought, and each bread I make from the grain is a little different from the last, but my heart never soars even as my belly is sated. I live a good life and never want for food, but something is missing. I have secured myself a reprieve from hunger, but in doing so have made myself hungrier than I could ever imagine.

The thresher laid down his flail, prepared to set out and seek meaning, but too much time had passed. His joints and muscles ached with overuse, his back stooped from gazing earthward instead of heavenward, his heart lacked the vigor he would need to start anew. Memories blurred into an indistinct stew, leaving him nothing within to sustain an odyssey, and the transcendent feeling he wanted was long lost to him.”

The father sighed, and sat back in his chair.

“Son, you can be the pearl diver or the thresher. How you choose will affect you for the rest of your life. Or you can take to heart the wisdom I’m about to give you:

There is a time for threshing and a time for pearl diving, and you would do well to know the virtue in both.”

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