Les Saunders, Protestant has a Game question,

Off topic, but an important question:

“You just want to fuck me.”

How do you deal with this statement. I’ve had it uttered when we’ve been wriggling around on a couch for another when the top is off, but bra on, pants on, all the way to when having a conversation on the street/in da club.

I know the correct answer is in the realm of “no I don’t”, but it’s a much more textured, nuanced, and layered response than that.

If you’ve hit on more than one woman in your life in a slut-and-the-city shitlibopolis, you will have been accosted by this male sexuality shaming shit test. You may encounter it during the first minute of conversation (less likely, but a pure tell that the girl is a superslut who wants to bang) or at the bedroom threshold (more likely, and a tell that the girl is a headcase who is running away from her slutty past).

Remember the CH golden rules for responding to shit tests:

  • don’t be defensive
  • don’t play into her frame
  • do turn it back on her

“No, I don’t” isn’t a great reply. It violates the rule “don’t be defensive”. She’ll figure you’re lying about your lustful motive and are ashamed of it, and this will lower your value to her. Better is to fall back on classic tactics (Agree&Amplify, AssumeTheSale, BeAChallenge) that charge your ripostes with a frisson of jerkboy charm.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY PROJECTING HO: you just want to fuck me.

THE LORD’S PHALLIC HERALD: well, i DID, but now that you’ve killed the vibe…


“you just want to fuck me”

“i’m not here to play checkers”

or (as the more open-ended conversational gambit):

“you just want to fuck me”

“more than the other girls here?” *point around the room*

If you prefer the denial response, make it an active one that assumes the sale:

“you just want to fuck me”

“you wish”


“you just want to fuck me”

“look at that, we have so much in common!”

Few girls can resist a juicy script-flipped assumption like that.


From a commenter,

“No, I’m only attracted to your mind.”

Don’t stop playing with her nipple while you say it.

LOL, this would be a hilarious running gag if you keep it up right through climax.

*pulling off her panties*

“i love your mind”

*fingering her pussy*

“your mind is so sexy to me”

*slipping your cock in*

“i only want to fuck your mind”


“godDAMN you have a hot mind”

Naresh poses a thought experiment,

Here is a question

If you have to pick a woman who only has 2 out 3 which two would you want in her

Under 25, under a buck-25.

haha, true but not what you asked. Ok, here goes:

I’d choose no debt and virgin. My thinking: A girl can’t recapture lost virginity, and between the two slut tells — debt and tats — the former will wind up costing me more than the latter. (M2F wealth transference is almost unavoidable in any relationship lasting longer than three months.)

Also, tats on a girl are a powerful indicator that she bangs like a beast.

Yes, I know how unlikely it is that a tatted virgin exists in the wild. This was a thought experiment, after all.

The Uncanny Ari

Jews are half-White. I’ve mentioned this before, but now we have genetic evidence proving my sensible observation.

The Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) population is important in genetics due to its high rate of Mendelian disorders. AJ appeared in Europe in the 10th century, and their ancestry is thought to comprise European (EU) and Middle-Eastern (ME) components. However, both the time and place of admixture are subject to debate. Here, we attempt to characterize the AJ admixture history using a careful application of new and existing methods on a large AJ sample. Our main approach was based on local ancestry inference, in which we first classified each AJ genomic segment as EU or ME, and then compared allele frequencies along the EU segments to those of different EU populations. The contribution of each EU source was also estimated using GLOBETROTTER and haplotype sharing. The time of admixture was inferred based on multiple statistics, including ME segment lengths, the total EU ancestry per chromosome, and the correlation of ancestries along the chromosome. The major source of EU ancestry in AJ was found to be Southern Europe (≈60–80% of EU ancestry), with the rest being likely Eastern European. The inferred admixture time was ≈30 generations ago, but multiple lines of evidence suggest that it represents an average over two or more events, pre- and post-dating the founder event experienced by AJ in late medieval times. The time of the pre-bottleneck admixture event, which was likely Southern European, was estimated to ≈25–50 generations ago. …

Running RFMix on the AJ genomes with our EU and ME reference panels and summing up the lengths of all tracts assigned to each ancestry, the genome-wide ancestry was ≈53% EU and ≈47% ME

Ashkenazi Jews are ancestrally 53% European White and 47% Middle Eastern Caucasian.

I make the distinction for a reason. “Caucasian” is the broadest possible racial category; “White” has always colloquially referred to the peoples native to Europe (including Western Russia). “Caucasian” includes such luminaries to the European cultural canon as Turks, Pakistanis, Afghans, Iranians, Algerians, etc etc. /sarcasm

No one who isn’t a disingenuous prick would argue that Afghans, for instance, are anything like Germans, Italians, Hungarians, or Danes, or that the collective latter are as genetically and culturally close to Afghans as they are to each other. So “White” correctly draws a colloquial distinction between the European people and the wild outposts where Caucasian warlords roam.

And so it is with Jews: by the conventional definition of “White”, they are a half-White, half-Semite ethnicity. Precisely, a half-White, half-Levantine (eastern Mediterranean) ethnicity:

… We observed that in simulations of admixed genomes, the Middle-Eastern regional source could have also been recovered by running the same localization pipeline. Applying that pipeline to the AJ genomes, we identified Levant as the most likely ME source: the proportions of chromosomes classified as Levantine was 51.6%, compared to 21.7% and 22.2% classified as Druze and Southern ME, respectively.

… In these simulations, we fixed the Levantine admixture proportion to 50% and varied the proportions of the different European regions. We then used a grid search to find the ancestry proportions that best fit the observed fraction of AJ chromosomes classified as each ancestry. The simulation results (Fig 2) suggest that the European component of the AJ cohort is 34% Southern EU, 8% Western EU, and 8% Eastern EU. This analysis thus suggests that roughly 70% of EU ancestry in AJ is Southern European.

The genetic analysis also confirms age-old observational wisdom that Jews and Italians share aesthetic, culinary, hirsute, and some cultural similarities. (But their differences are still yuge; see, for example, how Jews and Italian-Americans voted in the last election.)

The genetic facts of half-White, half-Semite Jewish ancestry shows in their look and their behavior. (Yes, Jews have a “look”. Those who aren’t bullshit artists with a motivated bias can readily identify 9 out of 10 Jews in a crowd of Christian Gentiles by face alone.)

Even the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jews who inherited a greater share of Eastern European genes can be identified by facial appearance and do stand out from the background EE Gentile population. Now, with the increase in Jewish out-marriage in America, there are more Jews who can pass almost completely for Gentiles, but primarily in appearance it would seem, because behaviorally Jews are as separate from Gentiles as they have ever been. However, I’ve noticed that the Jews with very Gentile physiognomies also lean more rightward in their politics than the norm for their tribe and are more comfortable “bro-ing it up” with Gentile Chads.

The crucial take-home point is that the unique (some would call it peculiar) half-White, half-Semite Jewish ethnic ancestry correlates with a stereotypical Jewish personality and behaviors, which GENTILES CAN NOTICE when they aren’t lying to themselves and others to avoid a pained bout of evangelical cogdis. From Cagey Beast,

[This genetic analysis] matches up with pretty much everyone’s sense of [Jews]: familiar but somehow off. A little later we realize how these folks always insist the rest of us are wrong about everything, all the time, forever.

Ashkenazi Jews rock. Nothing makes me happier than the fusion of WASP triumphalism and Ashkenazi tikkun olam. I think something magical and wondrous (and not the least bit Satanic) happens when money-grubbing heretics join with lapsed East European Jews to form a coalition to transform Christendom by force.

The Uncanny Ari.

Isn’t it time we stopped Lying about observable reality and embraced enlivening Truth? We all would waste a lot less mental energy and far fewer resources on a quixotic quest to force a defiant Reality to accommodate our Lies. And, we would finally see more clearly the threats to our nation, our towns, our families, and our souls.

PS I know this blog has plenty of jewish readers. You come to this place for the quippy lip and the hard truths. Well, I give them to you. Try not to take it personally when my Truth Shivs point at the antics of your own tribe. If I held back, would this place be nearly half as fun? Instead of lashing out in tribal indignation, try something different for once: take it in stride and do a little self-examination. It’s good for the soul…if you believed you had one.

Tattoo Rule Of Thumb

From Henry Mueller,

I miss the days when tattoos were only the hallmark of scumbags. Now they’re billboards for sluts and f@ggots.

There’s a “male” in one of my martial arts classes who fits the prototype: tall, thin, pale, nice, self-effacing, problem glasses. His noodly arms are covered shoulder to fingertips with a hideous hurricane of ink.

I find that almost more offensive than the tragedy of a beautiful woman tainting her virgin skin. At least some of them are intense and can fuck like beasts.

“He’s got a beard and menacing looking tattoos. My girl could definitely take him.”

Clown world indeed.

Tattoo rule of thumb:

Don’t (if you’re a girl).

If you’re a man, the size of your muscles should be larger than the expanse which the tattoo occupies. If you have noodle arms, no one will tremble before your steampunk butterfly tattoo that starts and finishes all the way around your concave bicep, leaving you looking like a domestic abuse victim.



lmao look at this mewlers’ row of ugs, fugs, bugs, and gaypedofaced soys. These are the in-house emojis of Apple’s corporate executives. Jony Ive is in the first row, second from left.

Half of these androgynes have sanpaku eyes. (Whites of the eyes showing on the bottom = drunken addict-prone degenerate. Whites of the eyes showing on the top = sociopath.)

It really amazes that our globohomo overlords are such creepy looking untermensch. Now that the curtain is pulled back on The Great Poz, we are free to mock them mercilessly until a better class of men replaces them.

From Mabui,

When in a social setting with mothers, suggest that all children should be checked for paternity at birth to prevent paternity fraud, observe the various mothers’ reactions. Some get a very guilty expression. Listen to the various rationalizations. If they are married and husband is in the room they also seem to censor themselves. Last time I did this a mother whose children don’t resemble her husband came up with “Well it has happened for thousands of years and we all got along just fine without DNA tests.”

LOL the old “royal we” hamsterization.

Lady, for thousands of years women reproduced at twice the rate of men. Do you want to go back to that way of doing things (say goodbye to civilization)?

I’m sure there were plenty of men throughout human history who not only aired their grievances about uncertain paternity, but killed the women they suspected of cuckoldry and dashed the bastard infant on the rocks. “We” got along fine? Doubtful. “Women” got along fine with cuckoldry…yes, that’s true. Women subconsciously want that Mr Meaty Intrusion Alpha Fux option available to them in case Mr Vegetable Lasagna Beta Bux makes the mistake of leaving her alone for a few days to go on a hunting excursion.

Now that paternity assurance tests are here and affordable, women suddenly aren’t so keen on extending full reproductive rights to men. How utterly predictable!

If you think the sexual market is in chaotic flux now, just wait until paternity testing becomes widespread. A de facto paternity assurance institution will wonderfully focus the distaff mind.

“France”, Part Trois

sacre bleu, race cucked by grandmalover!

“there, there, emmanuel, you know i love you the best, right? I only ever dream about you…”


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